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About Us

Where do we begin...

In June 2019, Raicilla was officially declared a Denomination of Origin (DO) and for the first-time could be sold legally. As Mexico's best kept secret and a well-loved spirit, we were eager to share this drink to the world.

Who is “we” you might ask? Well, El Tasting Room is brought to you by the experts in food tourism, Vallarta Food & Mexology Tours, in partnership with the masters of craft cocktails at El Colibri.

So, a joint venture formed and we took a trip out deep into the Sierra Madres to come to an agreement with a Raicilla maker. The goal was to brand our very own label of Raicilla.

However, it soon became apparent that Raicilla's fame grew quickly and this caused the purchase price to skyrocket. Sadly, our dream of opening a one-stop-shop for Raicilla soon evaporated. We had the "spot" already paid for, but now no Raicilla brand, so our team pivoted.

The build-out was slow due to COVID, but in March 2022 we officially opened the bar at El Tasting Room and soon after, the tasting classes and liquor store. We are so excited to share our new dream with you: a meeting place for those who want to taste, discover and linger in the beauty of all things Mexico.

El Tasting Room is here for you to discover everything that Mexico has to offer, not only with spirits, but also craft beers, cocktails and a very warm welcome. Salud!

The owners, colaboration between El Colibri Cocktail bar and Vallarta Food Tours